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I´m a total crafts junkie and started with knitting and crocheting when I was 10 years old. Over the years I got totally addicted to yarn and fibers and what you can do with them when you knit them or crochet them. Well, to make a long story short. I have to much yarn now! A lot of unfinished projects and I kept buying new yarn! This is the experiment, that in the next 365 days I will not buy any new yarn and will use up all the yarn I got to make things and then sell them in my onine store. At the end of this year I will donate 5% of my earnings to a good cause, which I still have to find. Please feel free to add me, follow my blog, subsribe or just e-mail me to make suggestions for a good cause!

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Feb 19, 2010

Day 34... I NEED your help!

Well, as you know I also started the Sock yarn blanket by The heathen houswife and I bought all the yarn myself for it. But it seems like all the LYS around carry the same yarn, same colors and so on. I could really use some new colors in my blanket. I´m already using yarn, which is not sock yarn, but has the same length and needle size in my blanket.

Here a current picture of my progress: Not bad for a week and a half working on it...

I´m asking for donations here from my flickr and blogger friends. I don´t need a whole skein. Just the scrap sock Yarn you have left over from you sock projects. This would also fit in an envelope and wouldn´t cost much. In return, I will send each person who send me a donation of their yarn, a cute little felt kawaii creature I sewed. This also fit´s perfectly in an envelope and You will be mentioned in my blog and when I´m done with my blanket, I will knit a sock yarn pillow case the same way and at the end, all people who donated yarn will be in a drawing with their name and win the pillow case.

You can also tell your friends about this and let them send me some. Sock yarn is really expensive and soon the blanket project will be a really expensive one.


Here´s a project I worked on yesterday. Instead of snow we have a lot of rain now and so I stayed at home and made the shopping bad I bought at my local supermarket a lot prettier.

Please note the before and after picture. I hate boring bags and i love colorful things. I think for my first attempt, it turmed out great. :-D

I found those littel flowers in a 99 cent store. They have glue on the back and stick by themself on the felt. I used little white buttons for the dots on the mushrooms.

Talk to you tomorrow folks! And I hope that some of you will help me. Thanks again!!!


  1. oh, good luck with the project! i'll keep an eye out for sock yarn, but haven't knitted with any yet!

    love the bag make-over! i just stitched a stenciled patch over the logo of my grocery store shopping bag. it was a vision i had for 2 years... finally done!!!


  2. Your knitting skills are fantastic!
    Good luck completing this project! I look forward to seeing it :)

    I'm burcu, aka thegreatdawn, from the swap-bot.com blog swap!
    I'm following you now!

  3. Just changed the name of my blog. I'm following your blog. Would you follow mine? Then I can get directly to yours from mine.
    Coleen (swap-bot)

  4. Hallo Beatrice,

    wir treffen uns in der IKEA in Hanau immer am letzten Samstag im MOnat. Das heißt wir treffen uns diesen Samstag am 27.02. Einige von uns machen vorher noch einen Abstecher zu Schoppel Wolle in Rodenbach..

    Ich freu mich wenn du auch zum Stricktreffen kommen kannst

    Liebe Grüße

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