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I´m a total crafts junkie and started with knitting and crocheting when I was 10 years old. Over the years I got totally addicted to yarn and fibers and what you can do with them when you knit them or crochet them. Well, to make a long story short. I have to much yarn now! A lot of unfinished projects and I kept buying new yarn! This is the experiment, that in the next 365 days I will not buy any new yarn and will use up all the yarn I got to make things and then sell them in my onine store. At the end of this year I will donate 5% of my earnings to a good cause, which I still have to find. Please feel free to add me, follow my blog, subsribe or just e-mail me to make suggestions for a good cause!

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Jan 29, 2010

Day 32 - I will be gone for the weekend

So I will not post tomorrow and sunday. be back on Monday!

Have a great weekend!!! :-D

Jan 28, 2010

Day 31 - The gift is finally finished!

Yay! I´m finished with the annoying Pom Pom Yarn and will never knit with it again. It´s late, more from my side tomorrow.

Here´s a pic:

Jan 27, 2010

Day 30 - Oh what a wonderful day for getting post...

I got the package from my yarn swap with Tara (Dear Knits) and I have to say I love what I got. I´m still smiling from one side to the other on my face. Here are the pics what I got:

Jan 26, 2010

Day 29 - Last minutes gifts....

Progress on the last minute christmas gift for a friend. She don´t like the touch of real wool or any scratchy wool or yarn. I first wanted to knit her thrummed mittens, but after she told me I let her touch the filling and she sisn´t liked it at all. So I didn´t know what to do, because I already got her a cool shirt but also wanted to give her something crafted from me.

When I went to the supermarket on monday, they had that really soft yarn, called Pom Pom...it´s like little Pom Pom connected through strings. It´s not my yarn, because you can´t be really creative with it. But I had the idea that she will like it because it feels like a fleece jacket. So I bought four skeins in a nice rad color and will do a scarf/ cowl for her.

It will be the first and the last time I have knittted with this yarn, it´s definitively something for beginners but not for people who know how to knit like me.

Here are the pics:

Jan 25, 2010

Days 27 and 28.... being sick! I hate it!

Well, I´m sick... not like with a cold. I think I got the stomach flu. Iks!

So I had a lot of time to work on stuff, but hadn´t had time to make pictures yet. Those will follow tomorrow. Promised! Now I just wanna go to bed and feel better tomorrow.


Jan 23, 2010

Day 25 and Day 26....

Today I went shopping with my friend Bianca. She was looking for a pair of nice and comfy winterboots. But apperantly, even though all the shops had sales going on, they didn´t have the kind of shoes she was looking for. It was in the sixth and last store where we finally find some shoes for her. YEAH!!!

Afterwards we went to her place and cooked an awesome dinner and I gave the belated birthday gifts to her daughter. A nice pink sweater and two "My little ponys" where you can exchange the feets and brush the hair. She went crazy about them. We had to exchange the different colored feets twice. The wrapping said Age 3+ but also for me it was hard to get the feets of and put the other one in. Sometimes I wonde if those toy designers are really thinking kid toys through??

Well, it was too late to write something yesterday when I came home, so I´m writing it today. And I made progress on the ear pattern for my amigurumi. Right now I´m still decideing what it will be. But here is a pic how it looks like with one ear.

So, I will work on the other ear today and also thinking about to embroider it a bit... let´s see!

More from my side tomorrow! ;-)

Jan 21, 2010

Day 23 and 24.... being busy!

One day you´re so bored. You don´t know what to do and the other day you´re so busy, you don´t know how to handle everything.

Yesterday was already on my way to an important appointment and came home with a friend, we cooked chinese together and baked muffins and had a fun time. But after she lfet I felt so tired I went to bed at 9 p.m. That doesn´t happen often but I just wanted to sleep. Maybe I´m fighting a cold or something? i don´t know.

But I was very productive today. I almost done with the mohair scarf and started a new amigurumi. This time I´m trying to write my own pattern. So far I´m done with the head, first it didn´t look good. Without the filling the head looked funny, and I was about to frogg it and start over. Well I continued and also sewed eyes on and eyelids as well. Check out the pics, I think for my first attempt on a pattern, it looks pretty cool.

Let me know what you think.

Jan 19, 2010

Day 22 - Today I didn´t do...

... anything on my projects! Aaarrghh!!!!

I slept bad but had to get up early. Did my laundry, got ready for the appointment and around noon was already on my way to the next bigger city. After my appointment I went for a walk around to see what neew shops opened up and then went home. Had some dinner, watched some TV and now I´m so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open.

I just wanna sleep in my cozy bed!!!!

Jan 18, 2010

Day 21 - Progress and the Golden Globes

I watched the Golden Blobes live yesterday on the German TV. Well, with the time difference it started around 2 a.m., but it was so worth it. On the one side a got a lot done on my mohair scarf cowl project and on the other side all the actors and movies I wanted to win really won. So it was a win win situation all the way. Both actors from Dexter won, my favourite TV show and Sandra Bullock for "The Blin Side", a really wonderful movie and she played excellent as always.

So what did you do?

Here are a few pics from the progress on the scarf.

Jan 17, 2010

Day 20 - Doing better!

Well, I had a wonderful weekend so far. I had like a 24-hou virus from friday to saturday, but was doing better around the time my friend arrived.

We went to the movies, to see a german production. It´s about two friends back in ´89 after the Berlin Wall came down who fly to the US to find the fater of one of them and they have a road trip from NYC all the way to San Fransisco. And how it had an impact on their live and friendship. A really good movie. Here´s a link to the trailer:

It was a really nice evening with Lasagne and Wine. So I slept in today and was knd of lazy, did knit on my mohair scarf and watched movies online but other than that, I didn´t really do something.

So more from my side tomorrow.

See ya!

Jan 16, 2010

Day 18 and Day 19 - SORRY! SORRY! SORRY!

I was so busy yesterday all day long and when I came home, a friend of mine called me, which I haven´t spoken to in a while, and we talked for almost 3 hours on the phone. During talking to her I didn´t fell really well. I don´t know why but I started freezing and then I was hot again, I was thinking, hopefully no cold!!!

So I took cold medicine, which wasn´t such a good idea because I spent half of the night in my bathroom. Eating my food backwords, as my friend told me, when I called her after because I had to hung up on her so quickly. I hate being or getting sick. So I went to bed early and didn´t think about the blog at all. SORRY!

And today will be busy too, because another friend of mine will visit me for the weekend and so I have to clean, go grocery shopping and do my laundry today. So there will be no time tonight to write for today. You will hear again from my side on sunday.

Sorry again and have a wonderful saturday!

Jan 14, 2010

Day 17- A lazy thursday...

Today I didn`t do a lot ... except drinking coffee, talking with friends and a lot of knitting.

So I don´t really have something to write today. But I found a funny clip on youtube today and wanna share it with you:

I wish you all a nighty night!

Jan 13, 2010

Day 16 - Walking miles and miles for yarn....

Today I had a long to do list I had to get done with and so was walking around a lot downtown today. Library, City Hall, the post office, sending out applications, several yarn stores and so on. But it felt really good today because today, unlike the weekend and the start of the week, the sun came out and it was still minus some celcius but it was warmer than usual. So being outside and breathing the fresh air felt sooooo good!

I met a really nice person through a request of mine on a flickr picture of hers. And we doing a yarn swap now, which I´m really excited about. So I found some really cool yarn for her (which I hope she will like) and also one skein for me. I know, I know... everybody who´s reading my blog since the beginning knows that I didn´t want to do that anymore. But I did! It was a weak moment and I didn´t do anything about it.

But look my happy face:

Doesn´t I look HAPPY??? It´s a hand dyed sockyarn, a bit thicker and right now I can´t decide between knitting socks out of it or maybe a really cool lace scarf I can also wear in spring?

Here is a better view on it:

And remember how I wrote yesterday, that I started with a mohair scarf / cowl project. It´s going pretty well but I´m not quite sure that the yarn I have will be enough. I thought first that I will knit it in the rounds, but that was quite difficult and so I´m knitting it on straight rosewood needles, which I bought while I visited a dear friend of mine in the states, and it´s going well. But like I said, I hope it will be long enough. The picture that follows shows how much I get out of one ball and I have three more to go. And it´s not like I can buy more, because it was sale out at a yarn store.... AAhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will see how that works out. So much from my side. Have a good night!

Jan 12, 2010

Day 15 - Progress, progress, progress...

Hello there,

in the past I always started one knitting project and before I was done, I used to put it aside for a couple of weeks and started a new one. Because I saw a nice picture on flickr of something knitted and bought the yarn and started to knit it, saw something new, but it aside and started the new thing I saw. Well, I made progress here. I haven´t been buying any yarn lately, well, except for the greyish yarn with the black and white dots, for the baby jacket, but hey I finished this one, so I´m not counting it!

But I think I finally getting better at it. I was downtown yesterday and also visited the usual yarn stores I´m going to and I saw some really nice yarns but I didn´t buy any. Can you believe it? I didn´t buy any. I went home and continud with the projects I started and I finished the second february Baby Sweater today. I just got ne buttons for it because I don´t had those colors at home.

And just now I started the next project with yarn from my STOCK!!!! I already had this yarn and finally I´m knitting something with it. It´s Mohair, 25g and 100 m a skein, and a beautiful purple,pink, blue mix.

I saw a really nice picture of an Mohair cowl on flickr, here´s the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/norwayneedles/364438461/

But I don´t have any round needles that would work. It says 7 mm needles, which I have, but the round needles I have the string is to long and wouldn´t work in the beginning. You know to knit in the rounds.

So I´m trying a trick. I will start on straight needles for the first 2 rounds and then see if the length will fit with the round needles, so I can switch. Cross the fingers for me that it will work.

Other than that I talked a lot today with friends on the phone and making plans for the weekend.

Talk to you tomorrow, I wanna work a little bit more on my new scarf / cowl project.

Jan 11, 2010

Day 14 - Still snowing

Yes, yes, yes it´s still snowing here in Good old Germany...

But I had to go downtown today to a store and so I put on my wintercloth, hat, scarf and Gloves and walked there. Its not far away. You walk like 10 minutes. And it felt really good to be outside ans smell the fresh air.

When I walk downtown, I always take the shorter way over a cute bridge. Today I had my camera with me and took a picture.

Doesn´t that look pretty? Well, I back home now and will finish the baby sweater and the toddler sweater tonight. I hope they show something good on TV! ;-)

Jan 10, 2010

Day 13 - Sunday, sunday... lalalala....

Hello everybody,

I hope you all are enjoying your sunday. I did so far! Slept long, had a nice brunch and later this afternoon I will go to the movies to see the Vampiers Assistant. Yes, here in Germany we get the movies a little later to the movie theaters.

Today is a great day, because I opened up my own online shop on a german side for handmade items called dawanda. You can go check it out under this url: http://de.dawanda.com/shop/Lavenderstarfish

I also have screen shot for you guys:

I also almost finished with the second February Baby Sweater and will start as my next project a hat and a scraf with really worsted (BIG) yarn. in blue and green shades.

As usual I will keep you updated on this one as well.

Have a wonderful sunday, andd here is some music that always puts me in a summer mood:

Jan 9, 2010

Day 12, Winter Wonderland....

This is so tyoical for me! I went to the Supermarket yesterday and thought I got everything... well, turned out I didn´t. So I had to go again today. Imagine, it´s 9 a.m. and you´re ready to go outside and pull up your shades and see this:

Well, I had to go and it was really cold. Even with thick wintercloth I was freezing and so I was happy when I was back home in my nice and warm and cozy appartment. But I had to take a picture to proof how cold it was:

But I got myself cozy on my couch watched some TV and finished the Baby sweater and started a new one.

So far from my side for today. Nothing really exciting was happening.

Jan 8, 2010

Day 11 - Busy, busy, busy

is this day! And you wanna know why?

I slept in! I went to bed late as usual and I started two alarm clocks. But when they rang I switched them off both and said... aahhhh.... just five more minutes and then I slept in. Now I have ti rush and take a shower and get ready. Because I have to run to the grocery market and get some other stuff done.

And it´s COLD OUTSIDE!!!! Suddenly the weather thought, hey we couldn´t bring snow on christmas in Germany, let´s bing it now... like better late than never!

So I don´t have any pictures today of my finished projects. Sorry! I will post them tomorrow...

But I found this video on youtube and thought that it perfectly fits to the current weather condition.

Jan 7, 2010

Day 10 - Lazy day 2.0

Alright.... it start to become a habbit! I know.... but it started snowing, and there wasn´t really anything I had to do. So I stayed at home, talked with a few friends on the phone and worked on my projects.

Between all those things I baked some muffins which turned out great! See in the following pic:

REALLY YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes I imagine how it would be to live in the Willy Wonka Factory with all those sweets. Do I have to wear also such a funny kostum as the Umpa Lumpas? And also sing those songs? But of course the new version with Johnny Depp, not the old one...

I also got some things done on my knitting front.... Here we go with pictures of it:

The new yarn for the FBS:

Here we go with the second February Baby Sweater in 100 % Cotton:

Here we go with the almost finished february baby sweater in the CHANEL style.

Day 9 - Lazy, lazy, lazy day....

Today wasn´t much going on. I continued my work on the baby sweater and finished the body. Right now I´m working on the sleeves and finished the left sleeve.

It was so cold that I didn´t really wanted to go outside, but I had to get grocerys. So Iput on my winterjacket, hat, gloves and a really thick scarf and my best winterboots and went outside. And OH MY GOD!!!!!!! It was even colder than I thought. My face felt like freezing the second I went outside and it wasn´t getting better walking to the supermarket.

I felt a little bit like a mountaineer climbing up the Himalaya mountains, getting lost and not finding the way back! But after 10 minutes I reached the supermarket.

Well that was my day so far, not very interesting but I didn´t want to break my 365 days project.

But I have two pictures for you of the February Baby Sweater. One from yesterday and the other one is from today.


an today.

Jan 5, 2010

Day 8 - I did so much today...

... and yet so less!

I didn´t really had to do something today but I thought I could some stuff done! Going downtown, to the library, getting some paperwork at the town hall done and so on....

WELL! Not happened! I got up, drank my cup of coffee and read my e-mails. Stil thinking about last night and how I had to rip apart that February Baby Sweater back to the start of the yoke... DAMM!!! That bothered me so much and I thought I could hear tiny laughs coming from the half knitted sweater... "Hihihihi... I´m to hard to knit! You´ll never finish me! Hahahaha... I will rule the world!" Well, that last part not really. A sweater ruling the world? An evil sweater? Hhmmm... maybe a nice Good Night story???? Anyways, it bothered me so much that I start knitting... and I have to tell you.Next to being a yarn junkie, I´m a hughe knitting junkie. It just feels good and relaxes me and I can alway think the best during knitting. I have my best ideas while knitting!

So, only knitting and no entertainment? Hhmmm, the radio wasn´t bringing much. So I searched the web for something good and new. On sunday I found a TV comedy from the states online. Called "Accidentally on purpose" and it is hilarious!!!!!! I liked it so much that I ordered the book by the author MaryF. Pols. And today I found the she Hawthorne which is about to start here in Germany. But I prefer to watch my shows in english. So I found the side and watched it online. Really cool too.... and during I got the problem with the february baby sweater solved and now started with the sleeves. I will finish it tonight!!!!! Well, at least I will try to finish it.

So far from my side for today...

Uuhh... wait I forgot the promised pics of the finished baby blanket and the progress on the lace scarf and the FBS... so here we go!

Jan 4, 2010

Day 7 - I was so bad today...

Well.... how should I start?

Hi, my name is Beatrice and I´m a Yarnoholic! I can´t pass by a yarn store without looking. And today apperently also buying.

I was so good since I started my 365 days project and also finished two projects, but today was...I don´t kow?...BAD!!!

I wanted to look for buttons for the toddler sweater I´m knitting and it happens that at the same department they sell yarn. So I couldn´t resist and bought some really nice yarn (3 skeins) of a greyish yarn with white and black dots in it!

I waited for the lady at the register to scream, NO!, she´s back!, let´s close the doors and don´t let her in or she will shop all the yarn we have left... but nohing! I also waited for someone to wrestle me down, clime on top of me so I can´t buy the yarn and shout:"YARN POLICE! Drop all the yarn you have in your hands!" But again nothing like that happened.

So I bought the 3 skeins and went home and started right away with the February Baby Sweater of Elizabeth Zimmermann and so far it knits up pretty fast. I think I will at least finish the Yoke and the beginning of the pattern tonight.

But before I have to get something to eat! Knitting and being hungry, don´t really go well together. I had a subway sandwich for lunch but that wasn´t enough.

Pictures of the fnished projects, the new yarn and the FBS (February Baby Sweater) will follow tomorrow.


The Yarn Junkie

Jan 3, 2010

Day 6, Finished first of the posted projects

Hello everybody,

I hope you all had a wonderful sunday so far. I slept long and will enjoy a day inside because it snowed all night, and this is for me the best excuse to stay inside and continue on my projects.

I finished the baby blanket yesterday, while watching reruns of Grey´s Anatomy. Now I only have to cut the fabric so it has the right size to fit the back of the baby blanket. Can´t wait to sew the fabric on and see the finished blanket. I also decided to embroider the initials on the blanket. pictures will follow soon.

The next knitting project I will be able to finish today will be the lace scarf. This one knits up pretty fast and so I can post pictures of both tomorrow.

I also started a 365 picture diary on my flickr account with the side www.laphotocabine.com, this side is really cool. Here´s the pic I took today.

Have fun and talk to you tomorrow!

Jan 2, 2010

Day 5, Wow... already five days!

Hello everybody,

I hope you had a wonderful start into the second day of 2010. I had a good one.

After my hangover went away, i was fit and continued knitting on the baby blanket. I thought this will be faster done and the baby sweater needs more concentration. And it was later at night and I was watching my favourite TV show online, Grey´s Anatomy, i decided I go with the simple knit where I know the stitches. And I got a lot done. So I think I will be able to finish it today and post some pictures tomorrow.

Other than that, I don´t have anything planned today. I really have time to knit. Just knitting all day long. Friends of mine and I want to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie but this one is not in German theaters yet. So we have to wait on that one.

So what are you up to this weekend?

Jan 1, 2010

Day 4 , The new year and a smal hangover

So I made it into the new year really good. I had friends over and we had good food and for desert I made a chocolate fondue and Cupcakes.

My friend, she is really into Hello Kitty and at my local supermarkt I found a baking kit for Hello Kitty Muffins. She liked them a lot and they tasted really yummy. Like strawberrys with pink iceing.

Here´s a picture to proof it! ;-)

Otherwise I´m still a bit hangover. I mixed champagne with beer. Not a good idea at all. And if kids are reading this. Don´t ever drink alcohol! It´s bad for you.

Thank God I hadn´t that much stuff to clean up and my appartment is nice and clean again. After I will finish my cup of hot coffee I will continue with knitting on the baby sweater and other than that have a lazy day.

Talk to you tomorrow! ;-)