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I´m a total crafts junkie and started with knitting and crocheting when I was 10 years old. Over the years I got totally addicted to yarn and fibers and what you can do with them when you knit them or crochet them. Well, to make a long story short. I have to much yarn now! A lot of unfinished projects and I kept buying new yarn! This is the experiment, that in the next 365 days I will not buy any new yarn and will use up all the yarn I got to make things and then sell them in my onine store. At the end of this year I will donate 5% of my earnings to a good cause, which I still have to find. Please feel free to add me, follow my blog, subsribe or just e-mail me to make suggestions for a good cause!

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Dec 31, 2009

Day 3, Only a few hours away from the new year...

Good morning everybody,

as my usual morning ritual, I´m sitting here and enjoying my cup of hot coffee! Aahhh... there´s nothing really to get you started in the morning. Except a hot shower!

Today, unfortunately, will be a knitting free day! :-(

Not choosen, I will have guests over tonight for dinner and to celebrate New Years, so I have to get ready, clean my appartment and also run down to the store and get some last supplies!

So not a big post today, but I think for today it´s okay!

How do you celebrate today?

Happy New Year and Luck for 2010 for everybody!

Dec 30, 2009

Day 2 / Knit-O-meter

Ok, I forgot something in my post before.

I found a side where you can have your owne knitmeter or knit-o-meter. You feed this thing with all the yarn you use for your projects and then it shows you much yarn you used in a specific timeframe you also put in.

So, I will use 365 Days and will put in the information of the yarn I use for my projects!


Have fun! :-D

Day 2 ... pictures of my sorted yarn, my started projects and akni-o-meter

Good morning everybody,

I´m sitting here and drinking my steaming hot coffee! Is there anything better in the world? I love sitting in the early hour of a morning with a cup of coffee in front of my iMac and read e-mails, update my flickr account or challenge my neighbours on farmville. (Yes, I admit, I´m playing this game and I´m not ashamed of it!)

Well, like I promised I will post pictures of my sorted stash of yarn and projects I´m working on right now and have to finish those first.

This includes a baby blanket, I call it autum messy, for an old friend of mine. She used to be my exchange student back in junior highschool, when we did an exchange between our German school and a british school. I can´t believe that is 17 years ago. This October she became a mommy of a beautiful boy. So I have to finish this blanket pretty quick. I don´t wanna be finished when it´s about time for the second one.

The next project, I call it the purple turtle, I have to finish quick is a sweater for a 3 year old girl. It´s my first attemp to knit a sweater and so far I´m doing pretty good, I have to say. I´m suprised about myself. Ok ok, on a few parts I have to make adjustments after it´s done but still, so far I finished the back and the front and started with the neck. When this is done, I can start knitting the sleeves and sew everything together. Right now, I´m still worried that the sweater will still fit when it´s done and time for her birthday. Kids grow so fast. One day they play in a sanbox and the other day they ask you for your keys to your car after they got their driver liscence....

The next project, I call it the icing on the cake, is a light pink lace scarf. I bought this yarn in a store in my town which is just open for a few month until the new store moves into this bulding and so the yarn factory rented the place and is selling all the yarn they will not produce anymore. Some yarns are still expensive. But I always went there just for one shelf! The 1 EURO shelf. Each ball of yarn just 1 Euro.... OH MY GOD I´M IN HEAVEN!!!! Sometimes the yarns are really ugly and you don´t get good stuff, but sometimes you get pretty lucky. I got really nice mohair yarn which normally costs 5 or 6 Euro a ball. And everybody knitting with mohair before, knows that you don´t have a lot of yards in one ball... from the pink color I got 3 balls, so it will not be a big lace scarf, just a small one. My idea is to combine it with a nice brooch around the neck over a nice silk shirt. The pattern is really easy and I can remember it so I can also take this work with me when I go somewhere...

The next project I have to finish first before I go on with any new one are the "Yummy Mummy Wristwormers" I started. Those are not difficult to knit and they also knit up pretty fast, if I would just sit down a night and just keep knitting. Well, the progress you see on the pictures was from just one night! So, I have to just sit my big ass down and keep knitting.

Alright, this is all the information for the first few projects I have to finish and I will keep you updated. I´m still looking for a good cause I can donate the money to??? It´s really hard to find something. I think I have to make a pro and contra list to get an idea of what I wanna do. I think a good thing is to help kids, then I would also like to help those who have to deal with cancer. I experienced this in my owne family and it´s really hard. So I really have to make up my mind about the way I wanna go.

But first I have to prepare everything for the new years party at my place! Grocery store here I come. Filled with people buying everything last minute and old folks pushing their shopping cars in the back of your legs! Yey, what a blast!

Enough for today! Have a great day and getting ready for the new year!

Dec 29, 2009

Day 1 ... making pictures and getting sorted!

So, I started to sort the yarn I have and get a good look at what I´m working with. Also I will spend the first day taking pictures, name them and file them and getting organized with everything. So there will be no pics today of projects or anything else! Sorry... but everything has to be planned wisely!

Goodbye for now and enjoy your time in Yarnland! :-D

A few hours later.....

WELL!!!! I´m still sorting the yarn but I had a coffee break and searched something in flickr, when I found a picture of a conact of mine. She posted pictures, which looked like old passport pictures. Really funny! So I tried a few and share them with you.

Have fun!

365 Days of knitting and making the world a better place!

OK! I know... it´s been a long time. But I had some personal issues I had to take care of first. But now I´m back and can´t wait to tell you that I found myself a new project!

Well, one is that I want to open up my own online store and sell the stuff I make but also at the same time write a blog about it. Now you think, hey,that´s nothing new. I know, it isn´t but I will not buy any new yarn for it. I finally opened up to myself and said, Beatrice, you´re a Yarn Junkie. And it´s true I´m. All those nice yarn balls when I go into a store and run my fingers over them and then already imagine the finished project I could do with the yarn. BIG MISTAKE!!! So I ended up buying all the yarn. Started a few new projects and never finished them. So I have a lot of unfinished projects stocked up over the years.

In the next 365 Days I will use all the yarn I have and not buying any new yarn and will sell the finished projects in my online store. But what I will do is,, taking 5% of my earnings and donate the money for something good. But I have no clue which organisation I will choose! So I have to find this as well.

Please join me in my 365 Days journey of knitting, hard work, being dedicated, learn to be patient, trying to help others and make the world a better place.

Thank you!