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I´m a total crafts junkie and started with knitting and crocheting when I was 10 years old. Over the years I got totally addicted to yarn and fibers and what you can do with them when you knit them or crochet them. Well, to make a long story short. I have to much yarn now! A lot of unfinished projects and I kept buying new yarn! This is the experiment, that in the next 365 days I will not buy any new yarn and will use up all the yarn I got to make things and then sell them in my onine store. At the end of this year I will donate 5% of my earnings to a good cause, which I still have to find. Please feel free to add me, follow my blog, subsribe or just e-mail me to make suggestions for a good cause!

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Feb 17, 2009

Yarn Stash and Audiobooks

It´s tuesday today, my last free day before I have to go back to work and the weather is still aweful. It´s raining Cats and dogs right now! So I had to put my outdoor activity today to the afternoon. I wanted to go to our puplic libary today and see if there are any good books about knitting patterns! And Audiobooks, I knit the best when I can listen to something interesting. Like a thriller or a comedy.

So I thought, hhm, what can I do until then and I thought I could bring my yarn stash and knitting equipment in order. So I´m taking pictures right now, writing down how many I have of each and then list it in my ravelry account. So I´m always up to date and it can also help me getting better ideas for my next projects.

So I will be a busy bee now and sort my yarn stash and upload a picture later to let you all know how it looked like.

Greetings from a rainy Germany,

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