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I´m a total crafts junkie and started with knitting and crocheting when I was 10 years old. Over the years I got totally addicted to yarn and fibers and what you can do with them when you knit them or crochet them. Well, to make a long story short. I have to much yarn now! A lot of unfinished projects and I kept buying new yarn! This is the experiment, that in the next 365 days I will not buy any new yarn and will use up all the yarn I got to make things and then sell them in my onine store. At the end of this year I will donate 5% of my earnings to a good cause, which I still have to find. Please feel free to add me, follow my blog, subsribe or just e-mail me to make suggestions for a good cause!

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Dec 29, 2009

365 Days of knitting and making the world a better place!

OK! I know... it´s been a long time. But I had some personal issues I had to take care of first. But now I´m back and can´t wait to tell you that I found myself a new project!

Well, one is that I want to open up my own online store and sell the stuff I make but also at the same time write a blog about it. Now you think, hey,that´s nothing new. I know, it isn´t but I will not buy any new yarn for it. I finally opened up to myself and said, Beatrice, you´re a Yarn Junkie. And it´s true I´m. All those nice yarn balls when I go into a store and run my fingers over them and then already imagine the finished project I could do with the yarn. BIG MISTAKE!!! So I ended up buying all the yarn. Started a few new projects and never finished them. So I have a lot of unfinished projects stocked up over the years.

In the next 365 Days I will use all the yarn I have and not buying any new yarn and will sell the finished projects in my online store. But what I will do is,, taking 5% of my earnings and donate the money for something good. But I have no clue which organisation I will choose! So I have to find this as well.

Please join me in my 365 Days journey of knitting, hard work, being dedicated, learn to be patient, trying to help others and make the world a better place.

Thank you!

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