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I´m a total crafts junkie and started with knitting and crocheting when I was 10 years old. Over the years I got totally addicted to yarn and fibers and what you can do with them when you knit them or crochet them. Well, to make a long story short. I have to much yarn now! A lot of unfinished projects and I kept buying new yarn! This is the experiment, that in the next 365 days I will not buy any new yarn and will use up all the yarn I got to make things and then sell them in my onine store. At the end of this year I will donate 5% of my earnings to a good cause, which I still have to find. Please feel free to add me, follow my blog, subsribe or just e-mail me to make suggestions for a good cause!

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Jan 16, 2010

Day 18 and Day 19 - SORRY! SORRY! SORRY!

I was so busy yesterday all day long and when I came home, a friend of mine called me, which I haven´t spoken to in a while, and we talked for almost 3 hours on the phone. During talking to her I didn´t fell really well. I don´t know why but I started freezing and then I was hot again, I was thinking, hopefully no cold!!!

So I took cold medicine, which wasn´t such a good idea because I spent half of the night in my bathroom. Eating my food backwords, as my friend told me, when I called her after because I had to hung up on her so quickly. I hate being or getting sick. So I went to bed early and didn´t think about the blog at all. SORRY!

And today will be busy too, because another friend of mine will visit me for the weekend and so I have to clean, go grocery shopping and do my laundry today. So there will be no time tonight to write for today. You will hear again from my side on sunday.

Sorry again and have a wonderful saturday!

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  1. Aw, so sorry you were under the weather! I hope you're having a good weekend with your friend, and that it was only a 24-hour fluke!